March is Women’s Herstory Month, a time to acknowledge those who have paved the way for us to make a difference. It’s also a time to honor the women who continue to push the boundaries of what “girls” can do. As we close out the month, we celebrate the leadership and accomplishments of women who mentor and elevate the voices of young girls of color at C4T Mentoring Program-we invite you to read about Mariah!


Meet Mariah, A bona fide member of the C4T tribe!
“I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri but I have lived in Georgia for a long time now. I currently attend Kennesaw State University where I major in Public Relations and minor in Professional Writing and I hope to one day turn that into my dream job. In the meantime, I work in the health insurance industry and have been doing so for six years now.
I’m very passionate about writing, mentoring, and advocating for women’s health issues and also helping others navigate through life.
I enjoy mentoring because I am able to help other girls and young women of color learn about this world and their place in it while also being a part of shaping the next generation of pioneers and leaders.”
A quote from my mentee:
“Mariah is very kind with a great personality, and she is extremely funny. She’s also very understanding. There’s never been a time where she wasn’t willing to hear me or walk me through my obstacles.”

Mentors like Mariah help make young girls of color feel seen and heard. Interested in being a part of the Click? Select the link to read more on becoming a C4T Mentor| link

All My Best,

Dr. Sarah Bingham

Executive Director 

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