Utetezi Teen Coalition

The word Utetezi translates to “advocacy” or “defense” in Swahili. As our country continues to neglect the personal challenges of young women of color, it is imperative that we reduce the common disparities that plague the community. From generational poverty, suicide, teen pregnancy, school dropout, and LGBTQ incarceration, there

uBuntoo Leadership Institute

Our purpose in creating the uBuntoo Leadership Institute is to change the narrative of cultural isolation in business and financial literacy for young women of color. By launching the uBuntoo Leadership Institute, we provide our young girls with the opportunity to learn, create, and build newfound confidence in their

C4T Mentoring

At the core of Make-It-Click is the organizational structure of our mentoring program that we have created to empower young girls of all hues of color to know their worth, strive for greatness, and feel confident in who they can become. In each cohort, we serve students from 12