The word Utetezi translates to “advocacy” or “defense” in Swahili. As our country continues to neglect the personal challenges of young women of color, it is imperative that we reduce the common disparities that plague the community. From generational poverty, suicide, teen pregnancy, school dropout, and LGBTQ incarceration, there are so many factors feathered against young black girls.

With compassion, transformative resources, and proven tools that have an impact, the Utetezi Teen Coalition is on a mission to inspire young girls of color and present solutions to improve their physical, spiritual, and mental health. Curated out of the need for black and brown girls to have a psychologically safe outlet, free from the constant state of defense, this coalition addresses the “whole health” of young black girls. In an effort to expand the capacity for minority women to be all they can be on earth while still acknowledging the climb to get there, we offer an alternative reality to what society portrays.

Through our core conversations that cover a wide range of topics such as Media Life Balance, Suicide Prevention and Awareness, Digital Harassment, Cyberbullying, Teen Dating, Violence, Abstinence, Physical Health, and more, we shift the mindset towards mental growth and empowerment.