click4Teens (c4T)

The click4Teens (c4T) Mentoring Program offers supportive services with the help of our community partners and volunteers for our youth designed to empower them with knowledge to become the leaders our community needs to thrive. c4T focuses on:

  • creating opportunities for our Allies and community partners to offer support on health and nutrition, financial literacy, substance abuse, teen dating violence, runaway, and sex trafficking prevention.
  • encouraging our participants to explore career paths and discover their interests and passions.

Our mentors are called “Ally(s)” and these volunteers are essential to our organization. Volunteers have the option to mentor our participants in group or one-on-one sessions.  There is no gender preference for our Allies to the participants. Our websites algorithm matches the participant to an Ally based on shared interests, goals, and beliefs. 

Ally training is provided to all volunteers to gain a better understanding of our youth, program policy, and procedures.

Ally Requirements:

  • At least 16 years old
  • Must complete Ally training
  • Able to provide 3 references (2 personal; 1 professional) pass background, drug and driving record checks
  • Must commit to spend a minimum of 5 hours each month in person with mentee for a minimum of 12 months
  • Must have reliable transportation, a valid driver’s license and current automobile insurance

Youth Engagement Diversion

Youth Engagement Diversion (YED) is a delinquency prevention program offered to middle school students at-risk for the juvenile system. YED is gender-sensitive, non-binary, and a completely new concept that embraces concepts from both positive and Bantu youth development which focuses on improving the protective risk factors that impact youth in social contexts (e.g., school, communities) by enhancing specific skills or “assets” through an African-centered approach (e.g., empowering identity through cultural values to impact and embrace community and civic responsibility). YED is designed to prevent delinquency by increasing self-worth, accountability, and cultural identity. Specifically, the YED program is aimed at: (a) enhancing ethnic identity, (b) promoting self-esteem and self-efficacy, (c) decreasing relational aggression, and (d) preventing runaway. 


uBuntoo Leadership Institute

The uBuntoo Leadership Institute is a summer enrichment camp for middle school students and includes civic engagement, STEAM-based activities, youth entrepreneurship,  West African dance, and therapeutic drumming. The program is designed to prevent participation in risky behaviors and youth violence that leads to delinquency and juvenile incarceration. Participants must work together with the volunteers they choose to address a develop and implement a community project to improve their community. 

The Utetezi Project

The Utetezi Project is a semester-long, grassroots, youth social entrepreneurship program which spreads awareness of Make-It-Click’s mission and teaches future community leaders about philanthropy and social justice. Utetezi means “advocacy” or “defense” in Swahili. Participants learn to advocate against social injustices that impact marginalized populations.

Participants will also increase financial literacy and develop soft skills using design thinking to address the marginalization and incarceration of LGBTQ people of color. This cohort of highly-driven high school students will also engage with Founder, and Executive Director, Dr. B, through a series of monthly service-learning seminars and will commit to raising funds throughout the semester to benefit LGBTQ awareness and Make-It-Click’s summer enrichment program.

Early Intervention Program

Make-It-Click’s early intervention model is designed to provide youth with a safe, affirming wraparound supports as quickly as possible. Wraparound is a way or process of working with children and youth who are experiencing life challenges and their families. Upon assessing a student identified as needing additional supports at intake, our trauma-informed staff engages the youth and family offering targeted case management, community linkage, parent education, and community care team coordination.

Virtual Book Club

The Folklore’s & Fables program is a virtual book club for our middle school students promotes literacy, while teaching moral reasoning, increases cultural identity, and fosters a love for reading. Members meet twice online during the school break and biweekly every month to read and discuss Folklores’ such as “The People Could Fly” or “La Llorona” ( The Weeping Woman). Student’s who go the extra mile to write a summary on their favorite fable enter a  raffle for a chance to win a snack box! (*Snack boxes are filled with healthy and ethnic treats).


Our Teens need You!

Join us in uniting our communities to prevent the criminalization of abused Black girls and LGBT-GNC youth of color by becoming a proud Ally today!  Becoming an Ally means publicly supporting your Make-It-Click’s efforts to make our local neighborhoods a place where our girls are empowered for success.

Allies must be approved for our program by our Make-It-Click Staff before participating.


Make a Referral

Please let us help you through the application process by filling out the following information completely. You can continue on and fill out the application by downloading the .pdf files or you can have us send you an application by mail.

Our participants must be referred by individuals or agencies with the authority to refer the youth and the resources to pay for participation.