Make-It-click was formed in 2019 by 3 former foster youth, Dr. Sarah Bingham (aka “Dr. B”), Elizabeth Benton, and Jennifer Moody who were brought together by a common belief that girls of color need people, not just programs, to help them reach their full potential. In the words of Angela Davis, “It is important not only to have the awareness and to feel impelled to become involved, it’s important that there be a forum out there to which one can relate, an organization- a movement.”


Girls of color face many adversities with some of the most common being placed at higher risk for generation poverty, higher suicidal ideations, higher rates of school dropout, and are more likely to be referred and detained for school disciplinary infractions. In 2013, 30.5% of Black girls in Georgia middles schools had serious thoughts of killing themselves, 19.8% made suicide plans, and sadly, 14.1 % made actual attempts to take their own lives. Both Black and Hispanic girls in middle school were more likely to have been in a physical altercation, made plans to commit suicide, drank alcohol, or sampled substances.

Government Systems. Youth who are involved in both the child welfare and juvenile justice systems are often referred to as crossover youth. Crossover youth are disproportionately low income, female, and youth of color that typically have high rates of truancy and school drop-out, unidentified special education issues, and family histories of mental illness, substance abuse, domestic violence, and criminal behavior.

Research shows that abused and neglected youth are more likely to engage in delinquent behavior. Up to 30% of youth aged ten or older in the care of child welfare are subsequently arrested. It is estimated that up to 29% of children involved in the child welfare system also have cases in the juvenile justice system. Black girls in America make up 14% of the general population and 33% of youth detained; and 40% of girls of color in the juvenile system identify as LGBT. 

Understanding and addressing these realities is why our program was created. Girls of color need access to culturally specific youth programs so that they will have a safe space to learn, develop, and be their own version of success in life.

Our Girls Need You!

Join us in uniting our communities to close the opportunity gap by becoming a proud Ally today. Becoming an Ally means publicly supporting Make-It-Click’s efforts to make our local neighborhoods a place where all girls of color are empowered for success.

Allies must be approved for our program by our Make-It-Click Staff before participating.

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Our participants must be referred by individuals or agencies with the authority to refer the youth and the resources to pay for participation.

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