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We are on a mission to help girls click with their sense of purpose by connecting them to their tribe for support, turning obstacles into opportunities for a brighter future.

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Values & Guiding Principles:

Make-It-Click is built on three core principles of Bantu Youth Development to guide our work starting with the most central, Inherent Sense of Self-Worth.

Inherent Sense of Self-Worth We believe what gives a person value is not based on what they have or may obtain, nor areas within their life that they can improve upon, rather self-worth is an innate value that does not increase or decrease. We educate our girls to comprehend the impact that associations with people or behaviors (both positive and negative) can have on their capacity to express and appreciate their inherent greatness.

Sense of Purpose We believe that adolescence is a time of learning to develop appreciation for responsibility to self, community, and society. We empower our girls to become effective leaders by providing opportunities for them to demonstrate responsibility for themselves, and developing an appreciation for their responsibility to society. 

Cohort Model We believe it is important for our girls to be matched with other peers to collectively engage in a curriculum, and activities that challenge them to share in the milestones of adolescence and experiences of peoples from African descent.

Criminalizing Girls of Color

Black girls are the fastest growing population within the juvenile justice system and are disproportionately represented in many steps throughout the juvenile justice continuum including referral and detention.


What Happens When Girls of Color Are Criminalized?

When school officials impose exclusionary discipline, defined as any disciplinary practice that removes a student from school, they place those students on a path to the school-to-prison pipeline. Discipline disparities for black girls persist in elementary, middle, and high school. Black girls are also more likely to be expelled from school, pushing them out of the education system for good. 



of Black girls are detained and committed even though they make up 14% of the population


of Latino girls were detained in 2003 however exact statistics on population size is unknown


girls of color in the juvenile justice system identify as LGBT or gender-nonconforming


more than any other racial group, black youth account for nearly half of all juvenile prostitution arrests


When girls of color come into contact with the juvenile system, they are at-risk for school dropout, teen pregnancy, sexual exploitation, homelessness, unemployment, or continued system involvement extending into adulthood.


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Our participants must be referred by individuals or agencies with the authority to refer the youth and the resources to pay for participation.