At the core of Make-It-Click is the organizational structure of our mentoring program that we have created to empower young girls of all hues of color to know their worth, strive for greatness, and feel confident in who they can become. In each cohort, we serve students from 12 years old up to 16 years old with monthly workshops and life skills groups. Each girl is matched with a qualified mentor who works with their mentee to build a trusted and protected relationship over the span of 30 weeks. From topics of self-care, leadership, service, wellness, social media, mindfulness, and more, our mentors offer an advanced level of teaching, affirmation, and guidance. Make-It-Click is invested in forming lifelong bonds of sisterhood, building the necessary foundation where every young girl, no matter her circumstance, comes out on top!

We want our girls to be surrounded by positive and uplifting women who can help them not only see how strong they are but believe in that strength. This 1:1 mentoring program allows for goals to be met and dreams to be achieved. No special powers are needed. Our girls already have all the magic they need to make it click.