Our purpose in creating the uBuntoo Leadership Institute is to change the narrative of cultural isolation in business and financial literacy for young women of color. By launching the uBuntoo Leadership Institute, we provide our young girls with the opportunity to learn, create, and build newfound confidence in their abilities and become young professionals of the future. Our summer camp is filled with a 4-week long program where each week presents a new chance to participate in activities designed to advance skills ranging from life skills, marketing, entrepreneurship, economics, and more.

Working with a team of professionals who are passionate about our mission as well as closing the financial wealth gap, the uBuntoo Leadership Institute will be a part of the necessary change in history. We believe that our mentors are the link between what is and what could be. They see the potential within our girls and have been down the road that they aspire to navigate in the near future. With the benefit of life experience, the leaders at uBuntoo Leadership Institute can provide a deeper look into this fast-moving industry and even have an advantage when entering the arena. By empowering through exposure, there are no limits to what our girls can do in just 4-weeks and beyond.

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